Friday, 28 November 2014


It’s been an exciting year. Many things have come to pass for me that, twelve months ago, I would have thought improbable, if not impossible. I was grateful for God’s favour extended to me and eagerly walked through every door that sprang open, but as the year gallops to its finish, I find myself thinking, “Maybe that was it. Maybe I presumed too much on God’s generosity. Perhaps I should quit while I’m ahead.”
            Is this the result of physical tiredness? The natural let-down at the end of a demanding race, having used up my quota of adrenalin? Or like Elijah - following the contest with the priests of Baal - is it the result of a battle in the spiritual realm? If it is, I’m determined to re-group, re-invigorate. I don’t want to settle, fearful of inadequacy, I want to build on what I’ve learnt, develop skills, extending upward and outward from seeds that have germinated in my life.
            In contrast to earlier in the year, the path I’m on now looks a little dry on the verges, but I’ve got my eyes on the road ahead. I can’t see what’s on the other side of the hill that rises steeply in front of me, but I’m determined to climb it. The scenery may turn out to be not so lush, the road surface rougher than before, or it may turn out to be a delightful roller-coaster ride in a run-up to another soaring hill.
            I’ll never know if I stop and camp, will I?