Friday, 31 January 2014


There was a moment during a recent ferry trip across Backstairs Passage to Kangaroo Island when I was whisked back to childhood. What is it about the blurry outline of an island on the other side of a stretch of water that evokes adventure, mystery and discoveries? I blame it on Enid Blyton and the Famous Five!

How I loved those books. They seduced me into believing I could do anything, be anything I wanted. Every child needs to know that before they grow up. I was each of the characters in turn, fell in and out of love with Julian and eventually recognised I was in no way – could never be - like George, except in my imagination. I moved on to other authors and different fantasies, but I was forever enriched by those books. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Feeling a bit schizophrenic tonight. On one hand I’m a bit glum. It started with me thinking of ways I might alter my blog page to link to my new book when it is released in April. I read through a dozen examples of other blogs to get ideas. Some weren’t as well written or witty as mine (please note, I employed only level-headed, unbiased observation here!); many used lots of interesting photos, illustrations and layouts (a strategy I should develop, ASAP). But the biggest difference I noted was in the number of readers and comments. I have only two followers and they never comment.
            From time to time I forward post onto my Face Book timeline and occasionally someone 'likes' it. Many others register as having ‘seen’ it, but comments, negative or positive, are rare. Why is this? Are the posts boring? (surely not!) Are they too controversial? (but wouldn't that mean I'd get incensed replies?) Are they not ‘spiritual’ enough for the faith-based groups I mostly relate to? Is the content too religious for everyone else? Am I trying to be all things to all men? Should I specialise, and for whom?

           On the other hand, I’m feeling a little glow of creative pleasure. During the Christmas to New Year down-time I’ve been experimenting with designing a brochure and a poster to use as advertising material for both my new book and the creative writing workshops I have been running since the middle of 2013. Learning the techniques is frustrating (it involves computer technology, of course it’s frustrating!), but it is also curiously satisfying. I could play for hours with colours and varieties of fonts, and then there’s all those illustrations to find and insert!  And because I had to make do with a male in the cartoon above, I’m now dreaming of picking up the sketch pad I haven’t used in years and drawing my own. 

            Oh my goodness! It’s only New Year’s Day! I have enough projects to keep me busy until Easter!!